Intuitive GUI

Effortlessly create and run hundreds of tasks. Origin-Mint is built to scale, all the while ensuring efficiency and reliability. Our UI application outperforms any and all extensions, with our modules designed to be lightweight and robust.

Advanced Wallet Security

Origin-Mint utilizes a Full AES256 Encryption system for all data. Security of Wallet storage is ensured

Proxy-less Solution

OriginMint provides users with a proxy-less infrastructure, meaning no extra costs or expenditure are required. You can run tasks effortlessly, without worrying about proxies at all.

Custom Node

OriginMint offers a fully fledged custom Solana RPC Node, which is unsaturated and allows for the fastest, most seamless minting experience.


Your Questions, Answered

Currently, OriginMint only supports Windows operating systems, however, we plan to offer support for Mac users in the near future!
Any information regarding restocks will be available on our Twitter page @OriginMint. Restock announcements will be posted in advance to give all users a fair chance.
Upon purchasing OriginMint, you will receive an invitation to our Discord server. In the server you will be able to chat with other members, get setup/release information and access to our 24/7 Support Staff team.

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